Operation Transformation

In Detroit, nine AAJ New Lawyers Division members volunteered with Life Remodeled—a non-profit organization devoted to the revitalization of Detroit neighborhoods. Along with lawyers and staff from Detroit-based firm Goodman Acker, they spent the day finishing renovations at the Durfee Innovation Society in May 2018. Tasks included lawn mowing, outdoor landscaping, painting, indoor and classroom cleanup, and moving wheel-barrows into a storage facility. This wonderful project has transformed a former elementary/middle school into a community innovation building focused on entrepreneurship, employment, and education.

The Durfee Innovation Society exists to create substantial and impactful opportunities for Detroit children, families, and single adults, while advancing collaboration among the eight major sectors (art, business, education, faith-based, government, human services, media, and philanthropy) in Detroit and the surrounding suburbs.

Since the renovations, the building has become a hub for existing and new non-profits and businesses to operate, share resources, and achieve a greater collective impact in the surrounding neighborhood, city of Detroit, and beyond. Our NLD members—Tiffany Ellis, Mara Essick, Kevin Tucker, Sidney Mosher, Dave Carney, Leslie Pescia, Kurt Zaner, Katie Hubbard, and Carla Aikens—truly made a lasting impact!


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