Advocating for Yourself: Brandi Denton Gatewood Raises Money for MS

Today, we want to highlight the incredible Brandi Denton Gatewood of LoCoco, LoCoco & Gatewood, PLLC, in D’Ibervile, Mississippi, and share her story:

“I never imagined that I would be a person telling my story on any particular ‘support my cause’ page, but that’s what happened in 2017.

At 35 years old in May 2017, the worst physical ailment that I had ever suffered was the flu. But there I was with a numb and tingling face trying to eliminate possible sources of the weird sensations. Then came the blurry and double vision. I did what any prudent person would and started making appointments with various medical providers, but none of them could explain the strange happenings that I was experiencing.

On June 13, I had a MRI in the morning, and by the afternoon, I had a presumptive diagnosis. It was multiple sclerosis. The following day, I had another MRI and a lumbar puncture. These tests, together with neurological exams, confirmed the diagnosis. I am fortunate to have a husband that is a physician, and he pushed to make all of these tests and exams happen quickly, both at our local hospital and at Cleveland Clinic. I am grateful for his advocacy on my behalf, and, always, for his love and support.

I am an injury lawyer, which makes me an advocate. That’s what I do. I advocate for clients and their families every day. When I got this diagnosis, I was angry. I did not want to talk about it, and I did not want to disclose it to anyone outside of my close family, very few close friends, and my law partners (who also happen to be close friends). Once I worked through the anger, I realized that I had to do for myself what I do for others daily. I have to advocate. I have to advocate on behalf of myself, my husband and family, and my friends and others that have been touched by or have MS.

Once I decided to get active for this cause, I created a Walk MS team—Team Notorious BDG—and we raised almost $11,000 for the National MS Society. Then I got talked into signing up for Bike MS: Tour de Beach, so Team Notorious BDG established a team for that ride and raised almost $6,000. I also went to Capitol Hill with the National MS Society for their Public Policy Conference and Lobby Day. Recently, I was asked to serve on the Board of Trustees for the Mississippi/Alabama Chapter of the National MS Society.

Several AAJ members came from out-of-state for both of these fundraising events. Karen Schroeder hijacked a dinner at one of the board meetings and raised over $500 for the bike ride. The AAJ New Lawyers Division made a $1,500 contribution on my behalf. John Bey came to the walk and gave a $1,000 contribution. Laura Yaeger brought her family to the bike ride, and she and her wife biked across the finish line with me. Many other AAJ members have made generous contributions to the National MS Society on behalf of me and Team Notorious BDG. I am grateful for my trial lawyer family.”

Contribute to the cause: Tour de Beach is still working to meet its $250,000 fundraising goal. If you would like to help support Brandi and the National MS Society, please click here to make a donation. The funds will be used for MS research, services, and more.


Below are photos from fundraising events in which AAJ members came together to raise money for the National MS Society and support one of their own. 


Brandi Denton Gatewood lobbies on Capitol Hill with the National MS Society.

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