The Gift of Song – Guatemala City Concert for Volcano Victims

You Can Help Guatemala City Volcano Victims

Attorney Rick Schulte, and his son Tripp Schulte, are attorneys at Wright & Schulte, LLC. Rick and Tripp are in the midst of organizing a concert in Guatemala City on August 4th to benefit those who lost loved ones or have been displaced because of the Volcano. This free concert will be at Erick Barrondo Park, in Guatemala City featuring two bands, one from Guatemala and one from Honduras. The concert in Guatemala City will also be an opportunity for Rick and Tripp to hand out gifts, bikes, soccer balls, and care packages for those in need.

Wright & Schulte have offices in Guatemala City and have partnered with a U.S. non-profit called Dream On to accept charitable donations for the victims of the Guatemala City Volcano. 100% of all charitable donations will go to the Guatemala City Volcano victims. In addition, the city’s mayor has donated security for the event and separate donations have been used for the free concert.

Through Dream On, you can help the volcano victims. If you contribute to Dream On now, 100% of your gift goes to relief efforts for those harmed by the volcano. Please go to and help Guatemala City volcano victims.


(Pictured below: relief efforts near Guatemala City and volcano location)

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