Paying it Forward – TLC Award Nominee Paul Powell

Paul Powell of the The Powell Law Firm in Las Vegas, Nevada, is one of our outstanding nominees for the 2018 Trial Lawyers Care Award. 

Paul Powell

Paul is the founder of Paul Pays It Forward, a continuous charitable cause which ties his passion for philanthropy with a corporate volunteer structure that unites, inspires, and supports local non-profit organizations within the Las Vegas community.  A few examples: Paul purchased and put together 300 backpacks with school supplies for kids in August; purchased and personally handed out 100 20 lb. turkeys for families during Thanksgiving; and gave away $500 a day for the 12 days of Christmas for those families who did not have money to purchase gifts for their children.

Paul measures his success not solely by his settlements or victories in the courtroom, but by the effect he has on the community. He gives a portion of each settlement to a different charity of choice each month to increase awareness and community participation and to demonstrate his commitment to giving back. In addition, Paul has inspired his employees to share his passion for giving by generously donating their time to various charities, such as Special Olympics, Make-A-Wish Foundation, Three Square, St. Jude, and Joy Prom.

See what Paul has to say about giving back:

What led you to develop the service project?

The passion I have for helping others in the community, particularly charities involving children in their fight against cancer. 

How has being involved in this project or service affected your life? What has it meant to you?

For me personally, my involvement with St. Jude Children’s Hospital and our work with Make-A-Wish Foundation is monumental. Having six children of my own, I can only imagine the difficulty and courage it takes for parents to watch their children go through such an ordeal. It is moving in so many emotional ways. There is a massive need to assist children battling cancer and to make their lives as enjoyable as possible while they engage in that fight, which requires a lot of financial assistance. Seeing people’s joy when they are helped knocks some of the rust off the soul.

Why is it important to you to give back to the community?

It is important to give back to the community, especially our community, who has helped our firm grow in many ways. I come into contact with so many remarkable people on a daily basis and I want to show our appreciation by giving back, whether that is by donating financially or giving our time. One of the questions I typically ask prospective jurors is whether someone in their life has helped them in ways they couldn’t help themselves and I ask whether they, in turn, have provided that type of help to someone else. It’s a pay-it-forward principle that resonates with people because most of us have had those type of life experiences at some time or another. Early in my life, I was assisted several times during moments where I wasn’t sure how I was going to make it. Knowing someone has your back means a great deal and I hope our community recognizes our contribution.

Below are pictures of Paul and volunteers from The Powell Law Firm giving back at Three Square, Make-A-Wish, Special Olympics, and several other important causes.

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