Project KidSafe – Breakstone, White & Gluck Break Out the Bike Helmets

When bicycling took off in popularity in the Boston area several years ago, so did the news stories of bicyclists severely injured or killed. The attorneys at Breakstone, White & Gluck, who often represent personal injury clients, saw the problem firsthand, and wanted to do something to help.

In 2013, they launched Project KidSafe in response. The project focuses on children and youth, whose brains are particularly vulnerable to head injuries in bicycle collisions. Unfortunately, many minors do not wear helmets when biking, because they cannot afford them or because of social stigma. The attorneys saw an opportunity to step up.

“We wanted to encourage children to wear bicycle helmets to prevent serious head injuries,” says David W. White, one of the firm’s partners. “We know helmets can save lives so we wanted children to start wearing them early.”

White and fellow partners Marc L. Breakstone and Ronald E. Gluck started sponsoring bike safety events, often at schools, speaking to kids about the dangers of head injury and the benefits of wearing a helmet. After speaking, they fit the kids with free helmets.

The firm started partnering with organizations like Boston’s bike program, and now have more than 40 partner groups in the region.

Today, the program sponsors dozens of events each year in the greater Boston area, working with schools, police departments, and town bicycle committees to reach kids in each town. It donates helmets to police departments to keep in their patrol cars to give to kids who need them.

“We enjoy our Project KidSafe work. But it’s not all work for us. It’s a lot of fun to get out and fit helmets for the kids and meet the families at bike rodeos and bike safety events,” says White. “Our campaign is working and that’s very rewarding.”

Breakstone, White and Gluck have donated more than 20,000 helmets so far.


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